Southeastern Tool & Die, Inc.



About Us

Our competitive edge is our diversification in machining and fabrication. Being ''diversified'', in our opinion, means working with our customers' Engineers to apply manufacturability to their designs and streamlining their concepts to allow mass production of parts or low yield runs. Our ''one shop'' desire allows us to keep most of our needs in-house. This diversification allows us to not only be your first stop, but your last as well.

Here at Southeastern Tool and Die, Inc. we collaborate with our customers throughout the entire process to achieve their goals. We do not want to simply make parts for our customers, we partner with them to ensure success in bringing their designs to life.

We offer a wide range of services to businesses from the food and earth moving industry, to the US military and the commercial industry. We enjoy being able to provide exceptional service to our customers while helping them bring their vision to reality.