2021 Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Southern Pines, NC – As with past local elections, the Moore County Chamber of Commerce provided all candidates an opportunity to respond to a Candidate Questionnaire.  The purpose of this process is to inform our membership, employees, and community what the candidates believe are current issues of concern and areas of opportunity that are impacting not only Moore County but also how they can assist in the capacity of the position in which they elected for in their respective communities. 

Chamber members continue to view access to elected officials and information on legislative issues as important. It is critical for the Chamber and its members to provide useful information to the business community so they can elect business-friendly politicians that support a healthy and strong entrepreneurial environment.  The development of these Candidates Questionnaires enables the Chamber and its members to take a proactive and strengthened position in the legislative arena.
A stronger voice by the Chamber and increased volunteer participation will continue to move the community forward.  

These responses are not an endorsement of any candidate. The responses have been taken directly from the submissions of each candidate and have not been altered in any way. No preference has been given to current office holders.


Candidate Questionnaire Submissions

Listed below are those candidates that submitted a completed 2021 Candidate Questionnaire. 
Town of Aberdeen
Daniel Behnke
Robert Farrell
Timothy Marcham
Town of Cameron
David Seiberling
Town of Carthage
John McDonald
Anton Sadovnikov
Brent Tanner
Village of Foxfire
Janice Gregorich
Kevin Robbins
Richard Kight
Village of Pinehurst
Patrick Pizzella
Emily Stack
Town of Southern Pines
Taylor Clement
Brandon Goodman
Ann Petersen
Mike Saulnier
Town of Vass
Emily Oldham
Uncompleted Candidate Questionnaire Submissions
Listed below are the candidates that did not submit a response to the Chamber’s 2021 Candidate Questionnaire. 
Town of Aberdeen
Timothy Helms
Wilma Laney
Town of Cameron
Jim Leiby
Tasherra Nichols
John Frutchey
Kane Parsons
Town of Carthage
Patty Kempton
Kevin Lews
Georg Wilson, Jr.
Village of Foxfire
Paul Canup
Jason Daily
George Hedrick
Ernestine Maccari
Janet Nauman
Donald Nelson
Mike Ratkowski
Gary Samuels
Nancy Certain
Town of Pinebluff
Ronald McDonald
Patrick Neligan
Robbie Conley
Robert Esselman
Michael Ough
Jerry Williams
Village of Pinehurst
Kevin Drum
Jeff Morgan
Town of Robbins
Cameron Dockery
Neil Johnson
Nikki Bradshaw
Jody Lee Britt
Lonnie English
Terri Holt
Benjamin Allen Reynolds, Jr.
Town of Southern Pines
Mary Ann O’Connor
Town of Taylortown
Garry Brown
Mary Cagle
Bridget Cotton
Sidney Gaddy
David Levine
Nadine Headen Moody
Mitchell Ratliff
Marvin Taylor
James Lattimore Thompson
Town of Vass
George Blackwell
Eddie Callahan
Angela Erica Vacek
Rora Kellis
Kris Kosem
Todd McLeod
Christine Phipps
T.J. Watson
Village of Whispering Pines
Richard Casey
Andy Conway
Pamela Harris
Dean Kalles
Linda Vandercook