Chamber Unveils 2020 Candidates Questionnaire Responses

Southern Pines, NC – As with past local elections, the Moore County Chamber of Commerce provided all candidates an opportunity to respond to a Candidate Questionnaire.  The purpose of this process is to inform our membership, employees and community what the candidates believe are current issues of concern and areas of opportunity that are impacting not only Moore County but also how they can assist in the capacity of the position in which they elected for. 
These responses are not an endorsement of any candidate. The responses have been taken directly from the submissions of each candidate and have not been altered in any way. No preference has been given to current office holders.

Candidate Questionnaire Submissions

Listed below are the 8 candidates that submitted a completed 2020 Candidate Questionnaire.  To access the completed questionnaires, click on the candidate’s name.  Each questionnaire was designed for the office the candidate is seeking.    
United States House of Representatives
The Honorable Richard Hudson, District 8  
North Carolina Senate
Ms. Helen Brock Probst Mills
North Carolina House of Representatives
Mr. Lowell Simon, Candidate for District 52
Moore County Commissioners
Frank Quis, District IV
Moore County School Board
The Honorable Stacey Caldwell, District I
The Honorable Helena Wallin-Miller, District II
Mr. Robert Levy, Candidate for District II
The Honorable Betty Wells Brown, District IV
The Honorable John Weaver, District V

Uncompleted Candidate Questionnaire Submissions

Listed below are the 14 candidates that did not submit a response to the Chamber’s 2020 Candidate Questionnaire. 
United States Senate
The Honorable Tom Tillis
Mr. Cal Cunningham
United States House of Representatives
Ms. Patricia Timmons-Goodson, Candidate for District 8
Ms. Cynthia Wallace, Candidate for District 9
The Honorable Dan Bishop, District 9
North Carolina Senate
The Honorable Tom McInnis - Provided Alternative Response
North Carolina House of Representatives
The Honorable Jamie Boles, District 52  - Provided Alternative Submission
The Honorable Allen Ray McNeill, District 78 – Provided Alternative Submission
Moore County Commissioners
The Honorable Louis Gregory, District II
Moore County School Board
Mr. Brandon Coleman, Candidate for District I
Mr. David Hensley, Candidate for District IV
Mr. Philip Holmes, District V
Chamber members continue to view access to elected officials and information on legislative issues as important. It is critical for the Chamber and its members to provide useful information to the business community so they can elect business-friendly politicians that support a healthy and strong entrepreneurial environment.  The development of these Candidates Questionnaires enables the Chamber and its members to take a proactive and strengthened position in the legislative arena.  We strongly encourage all members to review these responses prior to the election.  A stronger voice by the Chamber and increased volunteer participation will continue to move the community forward. 

The responses can be viewed at www.moorecountychamber.com through election day.