SOUTHERN PINES, NC: After spending vast amounts of time scouring websites, contacting various organizations and searching for volunteer opportunities, the 2022 class from the Moore County Leadership Institute noticed a great disparity between the needs in our community and a general awareness among community members about how to find service opportunities and volunteer. This inspired the MCLI group to create a digital resource where nonprofits can easily publicize upcoming service opportunities and gather volunteers, including information on who to contact and/or how to sign up. The public Facebook group is easily accessible for anyone with internet access, free to post and does not require admin approval, and is therefore self-sustainable.
While many local nonprofits keep email distribution lists where they can notify their subscribers of upcoming volunteer opportunities, these events are not commonly found on their websites, so for someone who is not already on their email list, the information is difficult to find. It often takes a great deal of time searching various websites, which each manage their information differently,  and multiple phone calls, which can become frustrating to a potential volunteer and could cause them to give up on their efforts, despite a strong desire to give back.
In addition to offering nonprofits a centralized location to post opportunities, it also gives individual users the opportunity to post at their leisure when they are looking for an opportunity. In such a case, any member of the public group can respond to point them in the right direction, or a nonprofit can respond with information.
“As we’ve learned in our class, part of being a leader is being a problem solver,” says Brice Holler, a member of the MCLI group. “We recognized a void in our community and we created a solution.”
Hosted by the Moore County Chamber of Commerce, MCLI provides participants the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally via programs with community leaders and experts. Participants learn about local history, business challenges, civic issues and community involvement and receive targeted leadership development training.
Visit the virtual volunteer hub by visiting www.facebook.com or the Facebook app and typing “Do More. Serve Moore.” in the search bar.