FunFest 2019

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January 07, 2019
          Sponsorship Levels
It is with great pleasure that we offer your organization an amazing opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of "FunFest XXVII", which will be held in April 26, 2019 from 9:30am – 1:00pm at Sandhills Community College.
FunFest is a collaborative effort by Moore County Schools Career Technical Education (CTE) and Sandhills Community College to provide competitive engineering, technology, horticulture, culinary, and business/marketing events for high school and middle school students.  The support of your organization, along with others, will help us to host over 600 students, teachers, judges, and volunteers. More than 400 students, volunteers, teachers, and judges were in attendance last year.  We are anxiously looking forward to even greater success at this year’s event, in April.
Various sponsorships are available and your contribution will go towards the items listed beside the level or the specific event.  If you choose to sponsor a specific event listed below, your donation will be used to purchase the student supplies needed for that event.  Those supplies will then be given to the participating schools to be used by students who compete in the event.  Please see options below:
Sponsorship Levels:
  • Platinum Sponsor: $1,500+ toward competition supplies, t-shirts, event supplies, and food
  • Gold Sponsor: $1,000 toward competition supplies, t-shirts, and event supplies
  • Silver Sponsor: $500 toward competition and event supplies
  • Bronze Sponsor: $250 toward competition supplies
  • Contributor: Any donation toward competition supplies
Specific Event:
  • Egg Drop Event: $100
  • Bottle Rocket Event:  $200
  • Balsa Wood Bridge Event: $750
  • Balsa Wood Rubber Band Airplane Event: $1,200
  • Toothpick Bridge Event: $250
  • Mouse Trap Car Event: $800
  • CO2/500 Metric Car Event: $800
  • Idea Challenge Event: $1,770
If you or your business/organization would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please contact Amy Garner or Laura Kinchen with Moore County Schools CTE. Please remember that all donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Moore County Schools CTE
(910) 947-2342, ext. 200282

Sponsor Benefits







Prominent name and logo placement on all printed materials related to event (i.e. Invitation, flyer) X        
Name and logo placement on all printed materials related to event (i.e. Invitation, flyer) X X X    
Logo placement on banners X X X X  
Sponsor name recognition in all press releases related to events X X      
Logo placement on FunFest website, Moore County Schools CTE Website, and Social Media X X X X X