Local MCLI group attributes successful pet oxygen mask campaign to generous community

Nov 4, 2019 – The Moore County Leadership Institute (MCLI) team successfully completed their community project this year by presenting 44 pet oxygen kits and 10 pet resuscitation kits at the Fire Chief’s meeting on October 17th. The mask kits and resuscitation bags were purchased from monetary donations made by Moore County residents. Participants on the team include Leslie Carson, Christopher Gregg, Darnell Marks, Jack McClelland, Kasia McDaniel, Julie McNicol and Kirsten Ostby.

The Pet Oxygen Mask project ran from April to September 2019. “We could not have done it without the generosity of this community. Thank you to all Moore County residents who helped make this pet oxygen mask project successful,” says Kirsten Ostby. “We especially want to thank The Yukon Rescue and the Kennard Family for their generous donations to our project.”

Thank you to all who also donated on our GoFundMe Page. We would like to take the chance to recognize them here:
Mary Lou Vecchione
Lois Smart
Karen Syckes
Cynthia Birdsall
Janice Baker
The Pet Lodge of Pinehurst
Callista Force
Debra Miller
Beverly Bizzell
Dennis Schrenker
Miriam Kunz
Edward Davison
Roberta King
Carrie Horstman
Jan Kozel
Christie Allen
“We had a few anonymous donations on our GoFundMe Page and we want to thank them as well for their generosity,” says Jack McClelland.

In addition, the team collected donations at events around town such as the Aberdeen Spring Spree, Southern Pines Safety Day and Moore Young Professional’s Yappy Hour. “We collected over $250 between these events and it gave us a chance to educate the public about our project and how they could help,” says Leslie Carson.
“We also want to thank Pinetree Animal Hospital and Pine Hill Vet for allowing us to provide donation jars at their locations. Clients at those two places alone donated over $500 towards the pet oxygen mask project,” says Chris Gregg.

Invisible Fence reached out to Julie McNicol when they heard about our project. “We want to thank them for generously donating 22 pet oxygen mask kits,” says Julie McNicol.

Finally, the group wants to thank STAR102.5FM for allowing the team to record a public service announcement that played over the radio waves. Our very own Julie McNicol provided the voice recording that reached other Moore County residents to provide donations.

“Overall, the community provided over $4,100 towards acquiring pet oxygen mask kits. This allowed us to meet our goal of providing 2 pet oxygen mask kits per each Moore County Fire Department,” says Kasia McDaniel. “Again, we could not have done this without the wonderful support of this community.”