Moore County Register of Deeds Alerts Citizens to Scam

Moore County Register of Deeds
Alerts Citizens to Scam

Moore County - Judy D. Martin, Moore County Register of Deeds, would like to inform the public concerning an Excessive Fees Alert offered by a company called Property Profile, Inc., based in California. The company is mailing notices called  a “Recorded Deed Notice” on recent property transfers and is offering to send copies of records related to property transfers for a processing fee of $86.00. 
This notice is a solicitation or scam that takes advantage of our citizens and should be disregarded.
The public needs to know the following Martin says:
  • Copies of property transfer documents are free electronically from the Register of Deeds website at: http://rod.moorecountync.gov
  • Copies can be obtained in our office at 100 Dowd Street, Carthage, for 25 cents per page.
If you receive a “Recorded Deed Notice” and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Register of Deeds office at (910) 947-6370 or e-mail jmartin@moorecountync.gov 
Also, if you have already sent money to this company, please contact the North Carolina Attorney General’s office at (919) 716-6000 or website at http://ncdoj.gov
Attachment:  Picture of solicitation or scam letter
For additional information, contact:
Judy D. Martin
Moore County Register of Deeds